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Massive School of Bunker Fish Spotted Off Long Island

We see a lot of pictures and scenes of starlings in different shapes and sizes in the sky. A video of a group of fish preparing such a beautiful picture not only in the sky but also in the sea is now coming out of New York. Hundreds of thousands of bunker fish thronged the clear seas near Long Island.

At first glance, it looks like a swarm of fish moving in clear grey water. They move forward in different forms, intertwined with each other. Their body is a mixture of grey and silver and can be seen glowing en masse when reflected by sunlight. This is a video taken a few days ago by a woman named Joanna Steele using her drone camera. The video, which Joanna shared on YouTube, has already been viewed by thousands.

Menaden or bunker fish migrate en masse from North America to southern areas during the winter. They will return when the summer begins in North America. There are many species of fish that feed on bunker fish, including dolphins, humpback whales, sharks and bluefish. Humans do not normally feed directly but rely on them to produce fish oil. Their meat is rich in nutrients and is important in the manufacture of fertilizers and cosmetics. In view of this, marine conservationists have dubbed bunker fish the most important fish in the ocean. 

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