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Samantha goes global Golden Girl Samantha to the global stage

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is the only name that is echoing nonstop from north to south. Our Southern film Golden Girl is now making its way into Hollywood. Her friends say that with the very first entry, it will definitely glow in the global range. An announcement has been made about Samantha's global entry.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is playing the female lead in the global film Arrangements of Love. The film is based on the popular novel Arrangements of Love by Timari Murari. The makers say that with this movie, our familyman2 girl will be able to shine on the world screen. The film is directed by BAFTA Award winning director Philip John. Not to mention how many great compliments Downtown Abbey has received from critics he has directed.

Arrangements of Love is being produced by Sunita Tati under the banner of Guru Films. She is a former producer of Baby with Samantha. Sunita Tati is known for producing versatile content under her banner along with Out of the Box. Arrangements of Love was written by director Philip John himself. Nimmi Harasgama worked as a co-writer.

The production house made a grand announcement about the film on Twitter. "After our successful baby, we are now happy to announce the newest international project. We are going to screen a novel of the same name, Arrangements of Love, written by Timari Murari. Written and directed by Philip R. John. Nimmi Harasgama worked as a co-writer. Sunita Tati is producing under the banner of Guru Films, ”the announcement said on Twitter.

Samantha is excited about her role in the international film. Sunita Tati and Samantha have an outstanding professional relationship. Well-wishers seem to be happy to hear about such global announcements and what South Indian women are doing on the world screen.

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